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Season 4 Episode 1: A Day in the Life: Code School Founder and Incident Response Analyst

February 08, 2022 EWF - Rising Leaders Season 4 Episode 1
NextExec - EWF
Season 4 Episode 1: A Day in the Life: Code School Founder and Incident Response Analyst
Show Notes

In this episode, Liz sat down with Linda to discuss her journey from being in academia to having a career in Law Enforcement and to her current role as a Senior Incident Response Analyst. Linda highlights the similarities between her time as a detective specializing in digital forensics and her current role within the private sector. She also shares advice for those who are considering a career within the Technology space whether they are fresh out of college or for those considering a career switch. Do enjoy!

Guest: Linda Smith 
My name is Linda Smith and I like to break hacker’s hearts. I am also the Founder of Codify Zone a Tech-Education company where children learn programming, logical and critical thinking skills. I am an ex-cop with extensive experience in the field of Digital Forensics.

Currently I am a Senior Incident Response Analyst with one of the best companies in the field of cyber security, Sophos. I am a mom of 2 beautiful children and a wife, in my spare time I run to support local and international charities.  I am a workout freak, and I can’t sit still. I love to travel, boxing and I absolutely could not live without caffeine.

I love what I do
I do what I love
I do what I do to protect business and humans.

Host: Liz Jaluague

Liz Jaluague is a Cyber Testing Associate at RSM Canada where she performs penetration tests for clients in a wide span of industries. Her previous work experience includes full-stack development, cloud automation, and security governance consulting at a Big Four firm. She earned a BSc in Biochemistry and a postgraduate certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics.

Liz serves as a mentor in several organizations for people who are in their first cybersecurity role or looking to enter the field. She also co-leads the EWF's Podcast Action Team.

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