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Season 4 Episode 6 - A Day in the Life: Data Protection and Privacy, Diane Tran

February 24, 2023 Season 4 Episode 6
NextExec - EWF
Season 4 Episode 6 - A Day in the Life: Data Protection and Privacy, Diane Tran
Show Notes

In this episode, Aparna Kadari speaks with Diane Tran about her role in the Data Protection Space. Diane shares the challenges organizations face to protect data in this Global age, the support system she has had in her family and how she continues to be a trailblazer supporting women in the Information Security space. She encourages women to hone their craft and create work life harmony in all areas of their lives. Please enjoy. 

Aparna Kadari is an Information Security Director for Operations, Endpoint Security, and Cloud Protection Engineering teams at Fannie Mae.  She has an MBA with a double major in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a minor in International Business from Wroxton College, Oxfordshire, UK. She is an avid Cyber Security speaker and an active blogger. She also writes poetry and has four anthologies published to her credit. 
She continues to be a mentor at the Girls in Technology (GIT) and Women in Technology (WIT); served as Vice-Chair for the WIT Mentor - Protege program, and as the ATA Convention Women's Forum Chair. She has been involved with community give-back organizations like ASCEND ( a Pan-Asian Leadership group), Executive Women's Forum, developed online awareness campaigns such as STOP Elder Abuse (SEA), continues to advocate for equity for women in STEM and meritocracy in our education system.

Diane Tran is an innovative leader with a unique background consisting of cross-disciplinary skills and experience in Data Protection and Privacy, Information Security and Information Technology. 

As a leader, she strives for continuous improvement while leading high-performance teams in diverse and dynamic environments. She currently leads the Data Protection program with a big focus on Data Loss Prevention. The program’s objective is to ensure data is well protected while supporting regulatory mandates and business priorities. It includes the development and implementation of enterprise-wide data management policies, control & governance frameworks, and technical capabilities.

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