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Season 2 Episode 7: Wise Women: A Chat with Shamla Naidoo

July 15, 2020 EWF - Rising Leaders Season 2 Episode 7
NextExec - EWF
Season 2 Episode 7: Wise Women: A Chat with Shamla Naidoo
Show Notes

In this episode, Shamla Naidoo talks about her journey to Managing Partner at IBM. She talks about her approach to fearless decision making and being resilient in uncharted waters such as new teams, organizations and culture. She also provides tips to rising leaders on cultivating leadership habits such as adapting to change and embracing innovation

Guest - Shamla Naidoo:

Shamla is the Managing Partner of IBM Global Security Services and is one of the most influential security executives among Fortune 50 companies. 

Shamla has worked in Information Technology and Information Security over the last 35 years, in every role from programmer, network designer, engineer, functional director to global leader. She has earned the respect of industry peers by taking the time to understand their businesses inside and out - aligning her activities with strategic business objectives. Her training as a lawyer gives her a unique ability to align business objectives with the legal requirements specific to different industries. She has earned the affection of her team by acting as a catalyst for unprecedented change, helping previously-stagnant organizations achieve dynamic results, leading to growth opportunities for the business and for individual contributors.

Shamla serves on advisory, not-for-profit and academic boards of various public and private institutions.She has been admitted to the Illinois State Bar and the DC Bar and teaches technology and privacy law at John Marshall Law School. 

Host - Preeti Ravindra :

Preeti leads a team of security analytics researchers at IBM providing technical expertise to artificial intelligence projects for security and contributing intellectual property to IBM's portfolio. She is passionate about formulating and developing practical applications incorporating data science and machine learning to enhance security products and solutions in a constantly evolving threat landscape. Preeti has prior experience as a software developer in Cisco and as a security resea rcher at IBM X-Force. 

During her spare time, she gives back to the community by creating awareness about new technologies across universities and to the general public through her speaking engagements. She also engages in women in cybersecurity initiatives both within and outside of her organization. Preeti holds a Masters Degree in Information Networking with a concentration in Cybersecurity from Carnegie Mellon University.

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