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Season 3 Episode 9: A Day in the Life: Medical Device Insights from a Senior Director

September 30, 2021 EWF - Rising Leaders Season 3 Episode 9
NextExec - EWF
Season 3 Episode 9: A Day in the Life: Medical Device Insights from a Senior Director
Show Notes

In this episode, Ashley chats with Inhel, a Senior Director of Information Security Engineering at BD, one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world. With privacy in healthcare at the forefront of current events, our guests delve into the nuances of the medical device industry. Inhel also provides actionable advice about career transitions, navigating the workplace, and other lessons learned from her experiences in the field.


Inhel Rekik is the Sr Director of Information Security Engineering at BD, a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. She currently leads all information security engineering initiatives for Enterprise IT, BD products, manufacturing/OT and R&D. Before joining BD,  Inhel was the Director of Health Technology Security at MedStar Health where she founded the program of medical device security, IoMT and IoT security.

Prior to moving into information security, Inhel held various roles of Healthcare Technology Management in HDOs. Inhel is CISM certified. Inhel pursued her education in Canada where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Laval University and her Master’s degree in Biomedical engineering from Polytechnic School of Montreal. Inhel is an active member of HISAC Medical Device Security Information Sharing Advisory Committee, MDIC (Medical Device Innovation Consortium) and EWF (Executive Women Forum). Awards include Intelligent Health Association (IHA) Grand Award and (IHA) Improving Patient Care and Health Delivery Award.


Ashley Baich is a Cybersecurity Consulting Analyst at Accenture with experience in many disciplines of cybersecurity.  Her analytical background in marketing, communications, technology and business development inform her mindful but competitive approach.

Ashley is fueled by her desire to bridge the communication between IT Professionals and Business Executives.  She considers herself a ‘forever student’, eager to continue to build her academic foundation to be innovative and forward thinking in the world of cybersecurity.  She is in the process of earning her MBA in information security and is an active participant in the EWF, currently as a co-lead for the Rising Leader Forum.  

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